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St. Dunstan’s Parish Team

1 .“Parish Teams” are known by a variety of names, for example: Parish Council, Parish Pastoral Council, and Parish Pastoral Team.  At St Dunstan’s we call this body: “The Parish Team

2. The Parish Priest has ultimate responsibility for the parish and he has the authority to preside over all parish matters.

3. The parish team is a consultative body, set up at the invitation of the parish priest with the remit to offer advice and support him in all matters pertaining to parish life and activity. The team also is a forum for the parish and a channel of communication for parishioners.

4. Prayer is at the centre of all our discussions. In our deliberations we seek inspiration from the Gospel and guidance from The Holy Spirit.

5. As a leadership group, the team aims to give a sense of purpose and direction to the parish; and to assist the parish priest in building up a community of faith, hope and love founded on the Gospel.  The Parish Team hopes to show initiative and enable the parish to grow and develop.




6. 2015 was very much about renewing the parish team, which had not met for some time. During 2015 we spent time reviewing our role and purpose; it was a year of exploration and renewal.  

7. The parish team should be made aware of all parish activities and where possible and desired, the team would hope to offer support to any of the many varied groups, which exist in our large and vibrant parish. 

8. Some members of the team undertake a special interest in and responsibility for parish activities, for example: Liturgy and Prayer, Formation, Ecumenism, Social activities – to name a few, but members of the team do not serve in order to represent a particular group, nor do they necessarily need to lead any parish group or organisation; all members of the team are expected to serve the interests of the parish as a whole and offer counsel and support to the parish priest.

9. Each member is there at the invitation of the parish priest, though some serve by nature of their office (for example the assistant priest and deacon).

10. We are planning to hold a major event in May 2016 to celebrate all aspects of parish life. Details will be in the newsletter and will be posted on the parish team notice board (opposite the Baptistry) in due course.


John Sexton
Chairman, on behalf of the Parish Team
February 2016

Page last updated on 25 January, 2017

The parish is part of the Diocese of Arundel & Brighton.  
Arundel & Brighton Diocesan Trust is a registered charity number 252878