St Dunstan's Catholic Church, Woking

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St Dunstan’s Parish Team 2015-2016

2015 was about re-establishing the parish team which had not met since the sad passing of Peter Hogan, who had been chairman for many years. 2015 was a year of exploration and renewal.

Our first task was to consider the nature of the parish team and why it existed.

• looked at examples of Parish Teams and Parish Councils.
• considered the name: Parish Council, Parish Pastoral Council, Parish Pastoral Team or simply Parish Team. After discussion, we opted to retain the simple title: Parish Team.
• explored the nature and purpose of the Parish Team and clarified our role.

Our next task was to inform the parish.

• informed the parish that the Parish Team had reconvened.
• published a definition of the Parish Team and explained what we are called to do. (Click link above to see publication)

In 2015 we:

    • held five meetings - and one extraordinary meeting to consider the “Refugee Crisis” and published our response to that crisis. (Click link above for report);
    • updated the “Parish Team” notice board;
    • published articles about parish life, together with photographs, on the notice board, in the newsletter and the Parish Magazine, including “news from the parish team” in the magazine;
    • we have published articles in the local press and the diocesan newspaper - the A & B News;
    • worked with the Finance Committee to plan an open parish meeting on finance. This was held on Sunday 18 October, when the Finance committee presented a summary of the financial state of the parish, including a final financial statement on the cost of moving to the “new” site and the sources of finance for the move;
    • placed a financial statement on the notice board;
    • founded an “Estate Management team” to oversee the maintenance and possible development of the estate; and
    • considered Safeguarding (protection of the vulnerable) and how we need to publicise our policy on this.

In 2016, we will continue discussions about the parish with particular emphasis on:

    • a “Vision Statement” for the Parish Team;
    • how we should enhance the Parish Team;
    • further articles in the local press and the diocesan newspaper - the A & B News;
    • how we can promote documents from Pope Francis and Bishop Richard;
    • how we can promote “The Year of Mercy” ;
    • how we can communicate more effectively with parishioners - and with the community beyond;
    • holding “open meetings” similar to an AGM but with the emphasis on a “celebration of parish life” –we plan to hold the first event on the weekend of 21/22 May 2016;
    • having a competition for a parish prayer;
    • having a census of the parish and a review of all parish activities;
    • how we could support such groups and individuals and how we might encourage more to become involved;
    • Health and Safety Policy, including: Safeguarding - training and clearly publicising our policy.

We hope that 2016 will be a year of consolidation, further development, planning and action.

Suggestions welcome.

John Sexton
13 October 2015 (updated 11 February 2016)

Parish Team Documents

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