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St Dunstan’s Parish ‘GIVING CROSS’

We have been giving thought to how everyone could do something for Lent that is not ‘me’ focused, but ‘others’. Is there someone you will commit to pray for, someone you can commit to help in some way or some cause that you could commit to give money or time to over the weeks of Lent?

To help us, as a parish, to focus on ‘giving’ as well as ‘giving up’ we will put up a wooden cross in the Narthex for the whole of Lent, with sticky paper strips, to form paper chains.

You are all encouraged to write your commitment on a paper strip and join it to the chain hanging from the cross. As the chain gets longer it will fill the box at the base of the cross.

Families are welcome to take strips home and create a chain which they can bring back and add to the rest.

On Easter Sunday the box will be processed into church in a public affirmation of prayer and outreach to all.

ALPHA cancelled for the time being
Alpha is a series of weekly interactive sessions, where anyone can explore life and the Christian faith in a friendly, open and informal environment.
Every Alpha session has three key elements: a meal, a talk and a discussion.
Alpha provides an environment where people can once again ask the fundamental basic questions about life: Why are we here?; Who are we?; What is our purpose?

It is a fantastic way to explore these questions, and if you’re already a believer, to gain a deeper understanding of your faith, who Jesus is to us, and how we can enter into a more intimate relationship with him.

Our next Alpha is starting on Saturday January 4th 2020 as a breakfast session starting at 8am and finishing at 9.30am. The course runs for 12 weeks. If you would like to know more, please phone 07308 952908 and one of the team will call you back and be happy to answer any questions you may have.

You can register for the course by picking up a registration form from the Narthex and handing it in to the Office, or to one of the clergy.

This short video clip explains more:

On-line registration will be available soon – watch this space!


Click here for more details.

CARE MASS  cancelled for the time being

Every now and then we may be called upon to take on the role of “carer”. Our regular Care Mass is held on a Sunday afternoon and is a time for families to come together, carers and those needing care, to celebrate Mass in a relaxed atmosphere. There is a tea party following Mass giving us the opportunity of sharing and supporting one another.

SENIOR LUNCH CLUB DATES 2020  cancelled for the time being

Jan 7th, Feb 4th, March 3rd, March 31st, May 5th, June 2nd, July 7th, Sept 8th, Oct 6th, Nov 3rd.

HOLY HOURS  cancelled for the time being

We have decided to continue having a Holy Hour (normally on the 1st Monday of each month but check the Newsletter) with different focuses for our prayer.

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