Resources to help during isolation.

Well done to the children from St Dunstan’s school who  sent cards to the residents at Bernard Sunley Care Home recently, including uplifting messages and colourful, cheerful pictures on the front. 

Leaders of Churches Together in Woking gathered in the Town Centre on 31st May to pray together on Pentecost Sunday. See the link to view.

TO CATHOLIC UNIVERSE AND CATHOLIC TIMES READERS: At the moment, you are unable to collect your paper at Mass, but you can get it delivered direct to your home every week, POST FREE. Please go to or call them on 0161 820 and they will arrange it for you.

Churches Together in England (CTE) is encouraging Christians across our nations to continue placing a lighted candle in their window uniting in this way, praying  in their homes at 7.00 pm each Sunday evening.  More details.